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One of the country's most respected ATM service providers. 

You may be wondering, "Why do I want an ATM in my place of business?"

ATM's increase your profits and add Customer service.  Consider the following:

  • You receive income every time a customer uses an ATM
  • Customers appreciate the added service and that helps create Customer loyalty
  • Industry research shows that Customers who use a store's ATM tend to spend more in that store
  • ATMs often reduce credit card usage and that reduces the store owner's credit card fees
  • An ATM can decrease or eliminate the need to accept checks

An ATM can be a source of income that requires little on the part of your business.

Your next question may be, "How do I get the money back that is withdrawn from my ATM?"

Money withdrawn from your ATM is re-deposited back into your bank account daily.  You will receive all money withdrawn today within 24-48 hours via ACH, using the banking information you provided when your ATM was installed.  

If you choose to purchase the ATM and load the machine, you keep 100% of the surcharge collected on withdrawal transactions from your ATM equipment which you will receive by your preference of either ACH or a monthly physical check.

"What if I don't want to buy the ATM but I still want one in my place of business?" You may ask.

Simple.  If you would like an ATM in your business without the capital costs or maintenance hassle, Skyline Cash Systems will pay for and manage all aspects of the ATM from purchasing to cash loading.  We then share a percentage of the surcharge revenue with you.

We offer many services and solutions to match your ATM needs.

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